This site provides information on SNPscan, a web-accessible tool for the analysis of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) array data.

SNPscanPlot Click here to use the SNPscanPlot tool
KKI SNP analysis tools Click here to generate SNP plots and tables
SNPscan browser Click here to visualize SNP data on the UCSC genome browser

Sample data  
Download/view the source code Read this README.txt file first. Down load the following files: snpscan_index.htm, SNPscan_titlegraphic.gif,, SNPscan.R,, chromSize.Build34, chromSize.Build35, chromSize.Build36, centromere.Build34, centromere.Build35, centromere.Build36, cytoBandIdeo.Build34, cytoBandIdeo.Build35, cytoBandIdeo.Build36, followed by installing them under a web server, e.g., Apache.
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