Welcome To The Pevsner Laboratory

Welcome to the laboratory of Jonathan Pevsner. Our lab studies the genetic basis of childhood brain disorders. We are located at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore.

NEWS (November 13, 2014): We have an immediate opening for a postdoctoral fellow. The fellow will work with a team to analyze RNA-seq data in studies of schizophrenia and to develop a database. Applicants should have experience working with next-generation sequence data and ideally should know R, Perl and/or Python. Salary is at the level of an NIH postdoc. Send me an email (pevsner@kennedykrieger.org) and please include your CV.
NEWS (June 1, 2013): We have published a report on triPOD, a software tool written by graduate student Joseph Baugher (he is now a postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins). triPOD analyzes SNP data from father/mother/child trios to identify mosaic abnormalities with extremely high sensitivity and specificity.
NEWS (May 8, 2013): Our laboratory recently reported the cause of Sturge-Weber syndrome (SWS), a rare neurocutaneous disorder. Patients with SWS also have a port-wine stain (PWS), a commonly occurring birthmark. Matt Shirley, a graduate student in the lab, analyzed six whole genome sequences from 3 individuals with SWS, comparing genomes derived from dissections of paired affected and unaffected regions of the body. This led to the identification of a mutation in GNAQ causing both SWS and PWS birthmarks.